Discover Cameroon



Situated in the heart of Africa, Cameroon represents from the point of view of tourist, a true “Eldorado”. The country, which extends from the Atlantic fringe at bottom of the gulf of Guinea, as far as lake Chad-the hinge, as it were between Western and Eastern Africa-offers you its cultural riches, sunny beaches, numerous national parks and picturesque scenery.

Cameroon draws the wealth of its culture from an extraordinary ethnical diversity. With its 400 kms of coastline, the littoral of Cameroon is a region well suited for seaside tourists. Kribi and Limbe are the twin poles of attraction. The majesty of the ocean blends with the friendliness and hospitality of the local population, to create for the tourist all the conditions for an unforgettable holiday. The north part of Cameroon is the home of the savannah which comprises the steppe land and lunar landscape. The five principal national parks are to be found there.

Mount Cameroon (4070 m) was christened “the seat of the gods” by the Portuguese navigator Fernando Pô in 1472. This peak is also the point from which a mountain range starts, which stretches from the south-West Coast to the Mandara Mountains in the Extreme North of the country. In the West and North-West the landscape is extremely rugged, crossed by pretty rivers with their sparkling waters. The rounded peaks often shelter crater lakes. In the North Cameroon the Mandara and Kapsiki endow the landscape with a fairy-like beauty.

Touristic Trips

  Limbé town  

You will drive 60 miles to reach the resort town of Limbe (black sand beaches, botanical garden and zoo) and Mount Cameroon with 4070 meters in Buea.

  Kribi town  

The seaside town of Kribi and the Lobe Falls of the Lobe are 178 km from Duala.

   West Cameroon 

Route chiefdoms, is a journey off the beaten track to discover West Cameroon: Museum of Civilization in Dschang, Kings museum in Foumban, falls of Mami Wata, through plantations... and mountains, symbols of a country with many faces.